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Anping ShengHua Metal Wire Mesh Machine Factory manufactures Chain link fence machine、welded mesh machine、expanded plate  mesh machine、hexagonal mesh machine、razor barbed wire machine,and so on.Telephone number:0086-318-7512226/7021226/7021516

Product: welded mesh machinehexagonal mesh machinewindow screen mesh machine

razor barbed wire machine

Anping Shenghua Metal Wire Mesh Machine Factory 

(Hebei Zhengxiang Machine Technology Co.,Ltd) 

ADD:No.6 Jingliu Road, East Industry Zone, Anping County, Hebei Province,China 




Skype: ninazhang9062 


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Common specifications huangtongwang machine introduction[2017-08-05]
Huangtongwang machine is a kind of low carbon steel wire,  st... products factory production, ensure that you can use to worry.
What is the technical parameters of huangtongwang machine?[2017-08-05]
Huangtongwang machine also called diamond mesh machine, also with quality service, to ensure that you can buy satisfaction.
Wire mesh machinery manufacturers which good?[2017-08-05]
Wire mesh machine is an important part of the wire mesh industry, a comfortable, with the rest assured, welcome customers to buy.
Do you know what huangtongwang machine?[2017-08-05]
Huangtongwang machine, also known as active network machine, conve... and old customers to shop, we will serve wholeheartedly for you.
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